Disobedient Objects

Disobedient Objects is the first exhibition to examine the power objects in movements for social change. Barnbrook — with its history of political design — was commissioned to design the visual identity, exhibition graphics, book and marketing campaign.

The Sick Rose

‘Astonishing images of the dissected and diseased … superbly erudite and lucid accompanying text … Here we see unpacked the mortal elements of many anonymous individuals — and by extension our own’ — Will Self, The Guardian

Doctrine Italic

When Doctrine launched in 2013 it was the first to be released by the foundry in four years and found its debut outing on the new David Bowie album The Next Day. It is now the most purchased typeface on VirusFonts and has been updated for 2014 with a full set of italics. Doctrine Italic includes all of your favourite OpenType features: stylistic alternates, ligatures and multiple figure styles.

Virus DejaVu & Virus VujaDe

The Virus DejaVu (VDV) and Virus VujaDe (VVD) projects were conceived as key elements of two interrelated visual identities for the Mystetskyi Arsenal, a Ukrainian cultural centre, and Arsenale 2012, the first Kyiv Biennale of contemporary art. VirusFonts chose to develop a pre-existing open-source font project as an active acknowledgement of contemporary developments in digital technology and creative online communities. It was an approach that placed the notion of collaboration ahead of refined aesthetics and it is in this spirit that our versions are being released.


We are now selling our fonts as part of a package of fonts, enabling you to buy a combination of fonts more cost-effectively. There are six packages:
Cynical Scripts, which includes Echelon, Nixon Script and Sarcastic.
Hostile Encounters, which contains Bastard, False Idol and Infidel.
Orwellian Nightmare, which includes Doublethink and Newspeak.
Psychosomatic Fantastic, which includes Coma, Melancholia and Tourette.
Super Future, which includes Delux, Prototype and Prozac.
War Tourism, which includes Patriot, State Machine and Shock and Awe.