Life enhancing, resource using, environment destroying, ozone depleting, labour exploiting, ghetto creating, space-junk making, inequality producing, government corrupting, beautiful and wonderful designer label Delux a retro-futuristic font available in plain and ultra to satisfy your every desire.

Delux is one of the studio's very early fonts. The drawing and construction are very simple, almost nave, inspired by type found on old military aircraft and redrawn with a contemporary voice. The name relates to the idea of 'designer' brands. Objects are given desirability by attaching a person's [designer's] name. It does nothing to promote good design and is usually an unsubtle attempt to charge more money. It is also about the millions of useless commodities that we are presented with in our lives that we have absolutely no need for and don't even get pleasure from looking at individually wrapped pots of country style jam, limited edition french impressionist style porcelain figurines, fluffy toilet roll covers and of course as some misguided individuals would believe new typefaces.

You can now buy Delux Complete as part of the Super Future package which also includes Prototype complete and Prozac complete.