Nylon & Draylon(1997)

Nylon is based on letterforms from 13-16th century european paintings, the original source material had many delightfully unusual manic shapes. Draylon is much more restrained and based on naÔve 17-18th century versions of serif letterforms. Both have been drawn to reflect their digital creation and have been designed so that you can mix them together to suit your taste.

The names Nylon & Draylon stemmed from a desire to create something that could only be thought up in the latter half of the 20th century. 'Nylon' optimized the glamour that surrounded a completely man made object when we had some belief in a man made world. It is now ironically the symbol of tackiness. It is interesting that something that once promoted the mysticism of science now appears as something to be laughed about. Draylon was an equally tacky material used for soft furnishings. Also the basis of the word is at odds with its artificial image, it comes from New York LONdon, the manufacturers were trying to give it sophisticated associations to make people wear the damn stuff.

On a technical note, the kerning is slightly different on the two fonts because of the differing widths of the characters, despite this they should be interchangeable. Nylon contains two extra characters in the lower case positions. an 'l' without a swash and a 'q' without a double-backed tailóthese will make it slightly easier to space letters when they are tight.